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Bringing People 

Into Focus.

To Serve the Personal & Professional Development Needs of Followers Who Want to Be Leaders and Leaders that want to be Agents of Change

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An Exclusive Monthly Critical Thinking MasterMind

Are you a manager looking to excel in your leadership role, solve complex challenges, and advance your career? Join our Critical Thinking MasterMind.

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Our Vision

To empower individuals to reach their leadership potential and manage organizations to become more efficient through talent optimization.

Our Leadership


Frank views FuCha Coaching as a business that inspires and motivates YOU to feel empowered. Mr. Bryant, retired Navy Chief, has received numerous military leadership training, mentored Departments, military officers, and facilitated Navy leadership development programs. His leadership and mentorship roles in crisis situations have been awarded with various war campaign awards. 

Frank is a Critical Thinking program graduate and in Independent Certified Coach and Speaker with the Maxwell Leadership Team. As a program manager and senior project manager, Frank has consulted with top Inc. 5000 companies and government agencies to develop strategic requirements, IT infrastructure support, business processes, and leadership skills that are aligned with corporate goals. Mr. Bryant earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

After retiring from the military, I felt a void in having an integral role affecting the culture of an organization. The mission is to provide a tailored consulting approach to your business needs. Your SUCCESS, is our SUCCESS!!


Let us succeed together.


“When you can get teenage boys to join the conversation and immediately engage and recognize the tools to put them into practice that same day, it truly says something about the value brought by Franks program. Frank is on to something. Results would be amplified in a corporate setting. Well worth the investment in your team.”

GoBig Sport - Immediate Engagement 


Why Work

  • We develop those that want to lead.

  • We cultivate a people first culture.

  • We empower the people.

  • We provide a greater customer experience.

  • We align talent with strategic goals.

  • We love our similarities and appreciate our differences.

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